Frequently asked questions

Is a sheltie a good choice for a child?

The answer is a resounding "Yes, they are great with kids," with some conditions. Shelties due tend to bond to one person in the family more than others, and they are somewhat protective. If you want a dog for a child, choose a young puppy--eight to ten weeks of age. If you have a choice, buy a puppy that has grown up with a family that has children or has been with Grandchildren. The puppy will be used to toddlers or noisy youngsters with quick movements. Shelties Are extremely intelligent, agile, calm, gentle, obedient, and loyal. They are playful, energetic and easy to train. They love to please their owners! Shelties make great companions and family dogs and get along well with children. They love the higher level of training required for advanced obedience and agility. They are very affectionate and enjoy the companionship of another dog or a cat. The rewards of having a Sheltie for a child are many: a loyal, playful, protective but not aggressive companion that can grow up with your child and eventually even teach her or him how to care for another living being, take responsibility for its livelihood, and perhaps even learn about competition and teamwork in one of the many activities available to Sheltie owners. You will not find a more devoted, gentle but playful breed given the right treatment, socialization and training.

Should I buy a male or female sheltie?

It usually comes down to a personal preference. Unlike some breeds, there is little difference in the temperament of male and female Shelties. They are equally intelligent. Shelties are easy to live with. Most love traveling, are quick to learn, and can live indoors or outdoors equally well. They prefer being close to the family at all times. A Sheltie that is not given attention or training by all members of the family will usually bond to the person who works with them. As we all know, Shelties are known for loyalty and being everyone's friend.


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