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We offer stud services at our location. Please contact us for more information. Click the button below to view the stud contract.


Our 22 acre estate can accompany your sheltie if needed during breeding or when you go on vacation. There are four locked 5'x 8' air conditioned kennels available with doggy doors going outside to an 80' x 100' fenced in area for the shelties to run and play. Your dog will be walked on a leash daily or can go on the golf cart with us to the pond and other areas on the property. Here at Circle B Shelties, we understand that pets are a big part of the family. We know that leaving home is hard for your pet, and that is why we encourage owners to bring their favorite food from home. If bedding is necessary to make your pet feel more comfortable, please write names on all items. Your written instructions will be followed as needed for the care of your Sheltie.


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